How long does it take to get test results?

Most of the time you will visit with Dr. Osterdock in her office on the same day as your tests are done. At that time you will  review the films and will have the opportunity to discuss the results as well as the options for  treatment or follow-up. You will be able to ask all of your questions at this time and Dr. Osterdock will try to make sure that you understand what the results mean for your child. Often it is helpful to write down questions you might have prior to your appointment as this can often be a confusing and overwhelming time. We work hard to accommodate all scheduling requests but occasionally, scheduling requires that the studies be done at a time when the doctor is in surgery or not immediately available in the clinic. In those cases Dr. Osterdock  will either call you with the results the next day or a follow-up appointment will be scheduled at the next time the doctor is  in the clinic.

At the time your test appointments are made you will be given a schedule of when to arrive and what is required before your tests as well as a time to meet with the Doctor to review the results. Please ask if you have any questions about the test scheduling or follow-up.